Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 hem update

as usual I have been lagging on volume, I have played like 100 hrs a month this year, its not what I had in mind but with the way I been running I m actually happy with how much I played, everything went wrong, I took a shot at 1ks and ran into AA or KK like every other game and ended up losing like 40k in like a week and then a 20k downswing on 200s followed.

I stopped with the 500s + and have been trying my best to recover from this for almost 2 months I think, if i add up rakeback using the blackcard 4x multiplier, rakerace and leaderboard bonuses its actually not that bad now, but the reality is that I m on a 55k downswing on a 15k sample stretch lol :(

here is this years graph

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