Tuesday, January 25, 2011

   no longer waking up after 2 pm but still not playing as much as i could, this has been a weird month for me, I feel like it has been a good month, while I lost 20k on a really small sample of 500s +, I actually managed to get back to even by doing good on the smaller games, I m now playing the 6 max games and its waaaay  easier to  earn rakeback in those games, the higher games run more often and they also end faster!  I got 1500 games played there this month and +4k or something like that, with RB probably somewhere near 6k      

only like 87 hours played this month so i m lagging hard, but I had to take a bunch of days off due to family visits

graph + daily results "

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 so far

I recently started to play all the higher stakes games, the part that sucks is that they barely run but i figure if I do this for the rest of the year I ll have a decent sample on 300s + and possibly make a lot more depending on how I run, I m also going to start playing 6 max when my games are slow, I m no where as confident in my 6 max game as I am on 9 max but I can still make a decent hourly with rakeback so it's all good

started off the year with my biggest losing day and downswing but I m 1 good day from recovering, I'v only played 6 days this month and I ll probably have more set backs in January but hopefully 1 or 2 days tops

36/2011 hrs

2011's graph

Sunday, January 2, 2011

brb, downswing.


the goal is to play 2011 hours

that should give me around 90k games in the year

around 7500 a month and 167 hours played each month

I don't usually stick with the goals I make but I m going to try my best on this one, I feel that I have spent enough time being lazy and procrastinating and I ll never get where I want if I dont make any changes

here is december :